How Does Organic Marijuana Affect Libido?

If you’ve ever had a couple of glasses of wine to put you in the mood and then found that, although the desire is there the body is unwilling to cooperate, you might be thinking that marijuana is the ideal solution. Yet, although many people report that weed has given their sex lives a great boost, others have reported unexpected and unwanted effects on their libido. Here, we look at how marijuana use can help and hinder your sex life.

How Does Weed Improve Sex?

Weed has sometimes been compared to Viagra, and some strains have even been marketed based on their aphrodisiac properties, however evidence has shown that whether or not it can improve your sex life often depends on the people involved and the circumstances themselves.

Nevertheless, a feeling of well-being is associated with cannabis in general, with THC dominant strains producing a euphoria which may also boost the libido while also increasing creativity, and indica strains promoting relaxation that helps both partners to let go and really enjoy themselves.

People who use cannabis before sex often find that they are less self-conscious and so enjoy themselves more, while many others find that smoking weed helps them to forget their stresses and worries that might otherwise have prevented them from having a good time.

As the erogenous zones usually become more sensitive after marijuana use, a more intense experience is likely, and the added focus on physical sensations means that, especially for women, cannabis can improve the sexual experience and make it more pleasurable.

The Negative Effects

Although many people find that weed improves their sex life, some people experience negative effects. Some people find that they become anxious and paranoid which stops their enjoyment of sex, while both men and women occasionally find that marijuana use distracts them and prevents them from focusing on the experience. Some men may also have a problem with erectile dysfunction when using strains which are high in THC, and therefore CBD dominant strains are a better choice before heading to the bedroom. Women may also find that they experience dryness which can cause pain during intercourse which is another passion killer, so choosing the right strain is very important since any strain which is known to cause cotton mouth may well have this other undesirable side effect.

How Much Weed To Use Before Sex

If you’re keen to find out what effect weed has on your libido, it’s best to start out with small amounts and increase slowly after finding out what works for you. Knowing your own body and how different strains affect you is key to having a pleasurable experience.

It’s worth remembering, overall, that almost 70% of people who use cannabis feel that it improves their sex life, but that their enjoyment depends very much on their mood, the strains they use and the other circumstances around them at the time, and therefore if you experience a negative effect on your libido from cannabis use once, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to happen again.

Look What Happened To This Family Once They Moved To Organic Food (VIDEO)

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Why should you Go Organic?

For Health!

Organic production helps protect your own health and that of future generations.

For the Planet!

Organic farming never uses toxic and persistent pesticides.  This helps keep air, water, and soil clean.

It’s Easy!

Now nearly every food you eat has an organic alternative.  Many non-food agricultural products are being grown organically as well.